The Requirements to Join the IPAF Training Program

The IPAF Training is a very unique program offered by the International association of Professional Engineers (IAPE). The IPAF stands for the Institute of Plumbing and Electrician’s training board. This is a not for profit company which offers several different types of training. Some of these classes can be taken online, but many of them are being held locally at local colleges or tech schools. The cost for the training varies greatly from class to class. Resource –

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The first thing you must do to take the test is to get your A+ certified by passing the practical exam, which lasts for up to 5 hours. You will have to pass this exam with a score of at least 75%. The next requirement is that you must take the written exam and then you must get your B+ certified with a score of at least 65%. Once you have passed these requirements, you will be required to sit an exam which will certify you for the IPP exam and to receive your valid licence.

The third requirement is that you must work for a qualified electrician or a contractor for one year in order to be considered for the exam. After the examination you will be placed in a pool of candidates who applied for the post of cherry pickers and were successful in their application. The test is given each year and is a written exam. The succeeding years will test the knowledge you already posses and any additional specialised skills that you may have acquired through your work experience. After passing the test you will then be able to apply for a job as a power access equipment operator.

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