A Hidden Car Gun Safe Is Easy to Hide Under a Seat or in a Spare Tire Well

A hidden car gun safe is an easy way to securely store a handgun in your vehicle. Most models are sized to fit under seat hidden car gun safe or in a spare tire well, and most feature a combination lock and a security cable that you can use to tether the safe to a point underneath your car for extra protection. Many also include desiccant to reduce humidity in the storage area.

Where is the best place to put a gun safe?

There are several different types of concealed pistol safes for cars available, so it’s important to find one that best suits your needs. Some are designed to be tethered to the side of the console so that the weapon is within reach, while others are tucked inside the trunk for maximum security.

The SnapSafe Treklite is a budget-friendly model that features a slim vertical design that makes it easier to hide under a car seat than other models. It can hold up to two standard handguns and includes a backup keypad and fingerprint scanner for extra security. It also has a heavy-duty security cable that can be used to tether the safe to a spot underneath your car so that it isn’t easily stolen.

Another type of concealed pistol car safe is the Hornady RAPiD, which is designed to be tucked between your car seat and console without drilling into the vehicle’s frame. This model has a rugged construction with twelve-gauge steel and a protective foam interior that can hold up to two firearms. It also has a mechanical lock mechanism that doesn’t rely on batteries, as well as a compact size that makes it easier to transport between vehicles.

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