scroll Compressor Maintenance Issues

scroll compressor

A scroll compressor is an industrial device used for compressing air or liquid. It’s most often used in air conditioners, as a car supercharger, as an auto-vacuum pump and as an industrial vacuum pump. The compressor’s motor is located in the scroll or barrel-shaped section of the compressor. The motor has two rotors and a fan at the end that forces the compressed air through the tank of the compressor.

Scroll compressor – An industrial device used for compressing air or liquid

A two-stage scroll compressor generally uses one of two types of scroll mechanisms: Oiler or spinning disks and an orbiting scroll mechanism. Spinning disks are more commonly found in automobile and motorcycle shop compressors and come in two forms: drum-type or reciprocating. Reciprocating scroll compressors use a pulley system to increase the pressure of the gas and oil being compressed by a geared shaft. An Oiler type scroll compressor uses a cam mechanism, which is similar to the cam system used in an aircraft engine.

An Oiler scroll compressor typically requires oil changes and periodic inspections to maintain optimal performance. The motor needs to be shut down and the bearings checked periodically for bearing wear and rust damage. Corrective oil filters should be installed in all motor components to reduce corrosive exposures to the compressor’s cooling system and to reduce the likelihood of oil filter blockages caused by particulate matter and algae buildup.

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