Tantric Retreats For Couples

Many people these days choose to take a tantric retreat as they find that their relationship is suffering from the effects of overwork, stress and lack of proper exercise. When couples go on a tantric retreat, they receive guidance on how to enhance their lovemaking experience and reduce their stress levels so that their relationship is at its most beautiful and enjoyable. It is no secret that a healthy sex life and fulfilling sexual experiences is one of the most important keys to having a successful relationship. Couples who make love together should never take any chances.

What Are Tantric Retreats For Couples And How Does It Work?

Most people mistake tantric retreats for couples counseling, but they are very much different. While a tantric retreat focuses on spiritual development through meditation and prayer, a couples workshop will address issues of conscious loving and giving. The workshops generally last two days and are often facilitated by a qualified tantra master who has years of experience instructing couples in the art of conscious loving and making love. While a tantric retreat may not address the physical aspects of a relationship, it will teach you how to bridge those gaps, allowing you to have more intense and rewarding intimate moments.

Couples who have taken a tantric retreat say that they have experienced enhanced levels of intimacy and sensuality. In a workshop, the couples were given instructions on how to make love more deeply. They were also given guidelines for improving their communication, identifying problems, developing a positive and supportive relationship, practicing yoga and meditation, and learning how to access and use the spiritual energy called tantra. In a tantra yoga session, the student absorbs and transforms energy as he or she moves through different levels of consciousness. This allows them to tap into the powerful spiritual energy called tantra, which lies within each person. The students are also exposed to various spiritual teachings including yoga meditation, astral projection, kama sutra and other spiritual teachings.

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