Digital Menu Board

A digital menu board is a digital signage solution that displays food or drink menu items and prices. It also allows for product promotions, which are typically activated for a specific time period and then deactivated. It is an essential tool to improve queue management and reduce perceived wait times, helping your customers decide what they want quickly and easily. Digital menu boards have been proven to increase restaurant sales by up to 35%, so it’s a great investment for your business. This link

The cost of a digital menu board depends on the hardware, software, and location. It can range from $300 to $1000 for screens ranging in size from 32 to 55 inches. You can even integrate self-service payment options to allow your customers to order and pay through the screen.

Menu Evolution: How Digital Boards Enhance Restaurant Operations and Sales

To create a dynamic and attractive menu board, use high-quality photos to promote your products. Avoid using stock imagery, which can be flat and unappetizing to your audience. Instead, use your own branded food and beverage photography, and try to capture the essence of your brand in each image.

A digital menu board should also be able to automatically adjust content for different consumption periods, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Synchronization between indoor screens is also important, and Navori QL software can synchronize your screens automatically to ensure they always display the right products. This means that you can save time by avoiding manual updates for each location, and your content will be more accurate because it’s based on real-time data from your point of sale system.

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