Get a Quote For Bund Wall Lining

get a quote for bund wall lining

The internal get a quote for bund wall lining tanks and bunds provides protection against corrosion, leaks, and other damage. When this lining is damaged or failing, it can compromise the quality of stored fuel or risk environmental contamination, especially if hazardous chemicals like nitric acid or sulphuric acid are present. Fortunately, specialist bund lining contractors can repair cracks and other structural faults in existing bund walls to protect against chemical erosion and maintain fluid tightness.

This is typically done using epoxy coatings which are extremely hard wearing and able to cope with movement stress cracking that can occur in concrete structures. In addition, they can be formulated to resist specific chemicals that might cause erosion, such as nitric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Beyond Budgets: The Importance of Requesting Quotes for Bund Wall Lining Projects

However, for best results, any new lining system should be installed over a good level of base material. This should be comprised of either graded concrete or crushed rock – not sand as this will deform the lining. It’s also important to plug any blow holes in the concrete before installation of a full bund lining system, as these will not be able to be covered with conventional coatings alone.

Once the lining is installed it must be tested to ensure it can withstand the pressure of a spill. This is usually done through a visual inspection of the inner and outer bund walls. This will include examining the corners, all surfaces, and any penetrations where pipes enter the walls.

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