Hocking Hills – Things to Do in Athens Ohio

What are the best things to do in Athens Ohio? The city of Athens is located on the southern shores of Lake Erie, which is one of the Great Lakes. This gives the city an exquisite scenic view of the area surrounding it. The region is rich in culture, and has been the cultural center of the state of Ohio since the nineteenth century. There are many attractions in Athens for visitors of all ages. The most important part of visiting the city of Athens, Ohio is sure to be its classical ruins.

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One of the best things to do in Athens Ohio is to explore the region’s music scene. The most famous opera festival in the entire world is held here, which brings visitors of all ages to this world famous city of the country. In the summer months, the region’s music scene is highlighted with popular live concerts by the country’s best live performing arts groups.

Finally, visitors of all ages will enjoy one of the things to do in Athens Ohio that is sure to be a hit with everyone. This is the Hocking Hills. This hiking trail is perfect for visitors of all ages. This trail takes about three hours to complete and offers hikers a chance to view the beautiful fall colors of the landscape of the Hocking Hills. For people who are looking for a fun filled adventure in the great outdoors, hiking the Hocking Hills is an excellent choice.

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