How to Change WiFi Password and Change the Name of Your Network

How to Change WiFi Password and Change the Name of Your Network

Changing WiFi passwords is an easy procedure. You should use your web browser to access the router’s settings page. Once there, you need to log in using your router’s IP address. Then, click the Wireless Security tab. Enter a new password, preferably something that is hard to guess. Save the changes by clicking the Save button. After changing your password, you can connect to your wireless network. You should re-login to your account after completing the process.

Quick And Easy Fix For Your How To Change Wifi Password And Change The Name Of Your Network

First, select the Wireless/WLAN tab. Next, click on the Edit button. You can then change the name of the network. In some cases, you can also how to change wifi name. You must save your changes to make them permanent. Now, you can use the new password. You need to enter the same password as the old one. After this, you can switch to a different network. In order to use the same network again, you must change the password every time you connect.

After changing the name of your network, you should enter the new password. Your router may require you to enter the same password two times if it is a secure network. If you are not comfortable with entering the same password for every Wi-Fi network, you can also change the public name for your network. You should remember to change the password if you have already changed it has already been known by many people. If you don’t know the correct password, you can always consult the manufacturer’s manual.

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