How to Find Last Minute Hotel Deals

If you’re a traveler on a tight schedule or you’re planning to be spontaneous, it can sometimes pay off to book a last minute hotel deals. This is because many sites work with hotels to offer discounts on their rooms when they have empty space to fill at short notice.

Last Minute Escapes: Snag Amazing Hotel Deals Before They’re Gone!

For example, Priceline and Hotwire often offer deals where the name of the hotel remains a mystery until after you’ve booked. This saves the hotel money on advertising, and it gives you a lower rate so they can get their room numbers filled. However, it can be a little risky if you’re not flexible about what hotel you’ll end up staying in (e.g. a’mystery hotel’ could end up being a less-than-ideal location or it could be an off-brand property that you may not like).

More generalized search engines, such as SkyScanner, can also offer last-minute hotel deals. When searching for a specific date at a particular destination, they will often show you a range of hotels and the prices they are asking for each night on a graph. This allows you to quickly see the best deals on a given day and decide whether or not to book a last-minute hotel deal.

Another way to find last-minute hotel deals is to use an app that’s specifically geared for booking at the last minute, such as HotelTonight. This allows you to book amazing hotels tonight, tomorrow or beyond at very low prices.

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