How to Find the Best Herb Vaporizer

best herb vaporizer

When searching for the best herb vaporizer, there are several factors to consider. These include the size, shape, and color of the device as well as its functionality and price. The size of the vaporizer determines how easy it is to hold and carry while the shape and color give the device a sleek look that can be a conversation starter. The price of the vaporizer is also important as higher priced models tend to have more features.

The Davinci IQ2 is one of the sleekest looking best herb vaporizer on the market and is also very lightweight at only 159 grams. This model is a great option for those who want complete control over their sessions as it allows you to micro-dose and track your exact usage via its built in dosage meter. It is a bit larger than other portable vaporizers but can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

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Another very sleek and lightweight vaporizer is the PAX 3 which has a large oven that can hold up to 0.35 grams of herbs or concentrates (with the separate concentrate insert pad). It also has 4 different temperature settings which you can toggle through with the device itself or use the PAX Vapor App to control it remotely. The PAX 3 heats up in only 15 seconds which is incredibly fast.

The Crafty+ is another vaporizer that has a nice premium and high-end appearance with its oval shaped body made out of aluminum alloy. The Crafty+ has a zirconia mouthpiece that stays cool during sessions and can be tucked away at the top of the device or swiveled out when you’re ready to take a hit. It has a simple interface and an extremely long battery life of 6-8 sessions per full charge which makes it a great choice for those on the go.

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