IP Quality Score Email Verifier

Real-time expert IP Quality Score email verifier & reputation scoring. Regulate traffic and identify high risk users & transactions with IP address, phone number, URL and device fingerprinting. Proactively prevent fraud by catching fake clicks, abusive users, chargebacks and suspicious transactions.

Email Reputation Scoring

Using advanced algorithms and data from our honeypot threat network and partner feedback program, IPQS evaluates the reputation of email addresses by classifying them as valid, spoofed, disposable or temporary. In addition, the score indicates whether the email account was recently associated with any abuse such as confirmed chargebacks, fake app installs, spoofed logins, spam, trial abuse, or high-risk behavior.

IPQS uses a unique combination of data and techniques that includes verifying the MX records and connecting to an SMTP server to check email addresses, which are often difficult for other email verifier services to do. In addition, the service is constantly updated to catch new disposable and temporary email services that fraudsters use.

IPQS also offers additional anti-fraud tools such as Proxy/VPN detection, device fingerprinting and more to help businesses protect their users and assets from fraudulent activity. Combined with our reputation scoring, these tools provide enterprise-grade fraud prevention and real-time user identity verification that can be used to improve customer experience, increase engagement, and reduce costs.

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