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Aren Bahia is a Canadian entrepreneur/philanthropist who’s lived a “full spectrum life”, from organized crime in Vancouver to spiritual development in Asia. Since starting his life over in Bali in 2016, he’s launched 4 businesses and raised tens of thousands of dollars every year for underprivileged and mentally disabled Balinese children. He’s the founder of Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, Full Reset Coaching and a partner in YogiLab and UluLife

Leadership & Career Change/Secondmentation

Are you a leader or supervisor who has recently moved on to a new role? If so, then this is a good time to check in with yourself and see where you’re headed. A seasoned coach can help you navigate your new circumstances to ensure your direction is in alignment with your core purpose so that you are achieving your goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Power of Mindset: How Leadership Coaching Can Transform Your Thinking

Full Reset Blueprint Coaching

Aren’s flagship program is designed to work either 1-on-1 or in groups to help you start fresh and build your personal brand. Using a step-by-step guided process, this program helps you overcome obstacles and achieve success in your business and life.

The Full Reset Coaching package is a 3 month program that includes assessments and homework to help you learn about your strengths, values and default communication style. It also includes a roadmap that outlines your vision of how you would like to live and work in the future, as well as what you need to do to get there.

Life & Leadership Coaching – Aren Bahia Coach


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