Online Gaming and Real Life Threats

online gaming

An online gaming portal is a virtual video game which is either primarily or partially played via the Internet or some other interactive computer network based on the Internet. Online gaming is a multi-million dollar business with an estimated three billion monthly revenues in North America alone. There are countless online gaming portals where one can log into an online multiplayer flash game and play with fellow gamers all over the world. This has led to the growth of innumerable gaming websites, both free and paid. There is a plethora of games available online like racing, role playing, card games, shooting and numerous others.


Gaming also provides a platform for social interaction, which in turn provides a healthy social life for the gamers. This can be done in the form of online harassment. This happens when one of the gamers feels threatened due to some reasons which are beyond his control. This can range from mere insults to real life violence. This problem of online harassment has been made incredibly serious by the advent of various hate forums and web sites where anyone who ever suffered from such online harassment can freely express their opinions.


To prevent this menace from taking place, various government and private organizations have come up with various measures to ban online gaming. For instance, last year the Federal Trade Commission proposed the Consumer Product Safety Act to help children be safe while participating in online gaming. The plan includes a ban of some gruesome games like zombie killing and other violent games, a black list of online gaming sites and a monitoring system by the government to help children in avoiding danger online. Apart from these steps, the Gaming Industry Association has also launched several educational programs to teach children about online gaming.

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