School Emergency Kits

School Emergency Kits

While no one wants to think about what could happen at school, it’s important to be prepared for any event. Whether it’s an evacuation or something worse, an emergency kit designed for schools and classrooms is the solution. These kits keep students and teachers of all ages safe while they remain in a classroom during an emergency or disaster.

Quality School Emergency Kits are based on recommendations from leading disaster response organizations and are perfect for keeping in each classroom during an evacuation. These kits can be used to treat minor injuries and illnesses until emergency responders arrive. They also include other useful tools such as flashlights and water bottles that don’t require batteries, as well as emergency food and supplies that will last a long time.

Emergency Preparedness 101: A Guide to School Emergency Kits

In addition to these items, a school emergency kit should also contain personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. They should also contain a small first aid kit that can be used to help with minor cuts, bruises and other emergencies. Students should bring a portable phone charger so they can stay in contact with their parents during an emergency or disaster.

Simpler Life offers a variety of high-quality survival products and kits that can be used to prepare schools for disasters or evacuations while staying within their budget. These kits are ideal for classrooms, dorm rooms and all schools of any size, ages and levels. These kits are lightweight and easily fit into a backpack or any other bag.

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