Symbolical interpretations of Dreams About Spiders

Many people have dreams about spiders. This is not a strange phenomenon as many cultures across the globe share the common dream images of spiders. When a person dreams about spiders they often are prompted to consider the meaning behind these dreams. It may seem strange that such a tiny insect should have deep symbolic meaning. However, when you discover how true this symbolism is you will realize that spiders in dreams really do have deep symbolic meanings.

How to Do Symbolical interpretations of Dreams About Spiders

The common symbolic dream image of a spider involves the female figures being consumed by the male figure. In some versions of the myth this consumption results in death for the female figure. This suggests that a person is scared of the opposite gender and in their dreams about spiders they become afraid of consuming them. It is this association between the spider and death that helps us understand how this symbolical dream can have such a deep meaning for some cultures and Native Americans. In this article we will discuss some of the other symbolic meaning of dreams about spiders.

In the United States popular dreams about spiders have ties to two very important events in our country’s history. These two events are Thanksgiving and Halloween. It is possible that the harvest moon on which these two events are based has a direct correlation to the colors associated with the spider. This is why the harvest moon appears to have a green symbol while in actuality the moon is the exact color of blood. This is one way that dreams about spiders can symbolize or bring awareness to specific events.

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