The Benefits of Playground Equipment

Whether they’re climbing up a monkey bar, swinging in a glider or navigating an elaborate acrobatic circuit, playground Equipment encourages kids to move their bodies in different ways—building motor skills that help them grow strong and stay healthy. And, even though it’s often considered “exercise,” the activities kids engage in on playground equipment are fun—which makes them more likely to stick with them.URL:

How do you build a backyard playground?

Playgrounds are also social spaces. Kids of all ages work together to create imaginative worlds on the equipment and can learn to solve problems with their peers while engaging in physically challenging activities. They may copy and learn from older children, or they can teach younger ones how to use a new piece of equipment.

A key component of a safe playground is safety surfacing, which must be soft enough to cushion kids’ falls and provide traction for their feet. It’s also important to have a clear path of exit from the equipment in case it becomes unsafe for any reason. Finally, the equipment itself should be durable and free of rust or any sharp edges that could cut kids.

This cedar set, recommended for ages 3 to 10, meets all the safety requirements with a fort that includes a wood roof, upper and lower porches, crow’s nest, telescope, trapeze bars and monkey bars, three swings and a nine-foot wavy slide. It’s easy to assemble, and all the wood is treated with preservatives that make it resistant to pests, fungi and decay.

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