Understanding the Purpose of a Custom Made Drysuit

Getting a custom made drysuit is an excellent choice when it comes to protection. These suits are built specifically for each person and are made to fit tightly to the wearer. The suit is then finished with a coating of protective polyurethane on the outside so that it stays in place and is unlikely to be punctured. There are many professional athletes who choose to wear a custom made suit. A drysuit is used by soldiers as well as divers, pilots and members of the firefighting services to protect them from fluids such as gasoline, kerosene and water. These suits were not always so accessible to the general public, but now they can be purchased online and are very reasonable in price.



It is important to realize that a drysuit is not intended to be worn in ordinary circumstances. They are designed specifically to provide extreme protection from water. They are not good to wear in ordinary circumstances because of the risks of puncturing the suit while still in use. If the wearer were to use the same drysuit for regular swimming they would likely receive a severe injury and could lose the use of their drysuit. This is due to the fact that these suits have very poor buoyancy and cannot float in water.


When getting a custom made drysuit, it is important to consider how well the suit fits. If it is too tight it will restrict the movement and prevent the wearer from being able to swim freely. If it is too loose it will not provide any protection and could get trapped in the suit and become overheated.

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