Why Shopfronts Are So Important to Your Business

Shopfronts are a crucial point of contact for customers and the first impression they’ll get of your business. A well-designed shopfront can set you apart from the competition, establishing your brand as trustworthy and professional. It’s also a way to attract passers-by, with research showing that people are five times more likely to enter shops they’ve seen on the high street.Source :https://www.shopfrontdesign.co.uk

From quirky fairy lights to dazzling illuminating shapes, lighting can be the key to creating an eye-catching shop front. But it’s not just about the aesthetics – lighting can also have a huge impact on the mood and perception of your shop. And whether you want to create an inviting atmosphere, promote a special offer or highlight the features of your products, the right lighting can make all the difference.

Revitalizing Retail: Modern Trends in UK Shopfront Design

With 2022 fast approaching, many retailers are preparing to unveil their iconic Christmas shopfronts. From bringing back some festive memorabilia to wrapping your store in a giant bow, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The design of shopfronts has a long history, with some facades dating from the 18th century. They were designed to express a retail identity and convey a desired public image (Kent, 2003). In recent years they have become increasingly important as the only visible element of a retailer’s brand, with fascia and logo designs reinforcing their value and reputation.

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