Achieving Immortality: The Role of Leaderboards in Online Gaming

Achieving Immortality: The Role of Leaderboards

Humans are captivated by the idea of transcending mortality and achieving immortality. These “immortality projects” can take many forms, from religious beliefs and artistic endeavors to scientific advancements and 온라인카지노.

Achieving Immortality: The Role of Leaderboards in Online Gaming

The desire for immortality has also inspired many works of fiction. For example, in his short stories “Reinstalling Eden: Happiness on a Hard Drive” and “Out of the Jar,” U.C. Riverside philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel uses narrative to elaborate on the sort of spare thought experiments more typical of philosophical inquiry into immortality.

In more recent times, techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that humans will achieve biological immortality within seven years. His claims aren’t without controversy, however. Some critics argue that achieving immortality through genetic engineering is inherently problematic and will result in unintended consequences, such as increased risk of mental illness and decreased productivity.

Another potential route to immortality is cybernetic immortality through brain uploading. This hypothetical process involves transferring your entire consciousness to an external computer where it can be connected to a new body—in effect, creating a digital double of yourself. While this is still a very futuristic possibility, some experts have already started thinking about how we might implement it in practice.

One of the ways that game developers have tried to leverage the concept of immortality in their games is through leaderboards, which allow gamers to compare their skills and performances with others. Previous research has found that the presence of a leaderboard influences gamer’s motivation. Moreover, users with high trait competitiveness are more likely to engage in competitive activities when leaderboards are present. However, users with low trait competitiveness are driven away from competitive activities by the presence of leaderboards.

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